Sort It Online

Sort It Online | 25 May – 19 June 2020

Introducing Sort It Online a new platform that provides jobseekers and students with worthwhile ways to connect with potential Manawatū employers and education providers virtually.  

Sort It Online is made up of two components, an Online Webinar Series and the recently launched Sort It Event App.

Kicking off on Monday 25th May Sort It Online will run over the course of four weeks with a series of webinars and workshops, each of them designed to introduce attendees to a different industry or career pathway. The webinars will be about 30 minutes long, taking place most weekdays, and will include a presentation from a business leader or industry expert and a chance for live Q&A.

This is a great way for you to connect with your children and engage them in meaningful, practical conversations about their future.

To see what webinars are available and to register, visit or download the ManawatuNZ app on the App Store or Google Play.