COVID Notice

Kia ora Parents and Caregivers

Our extended community are continuing to take COVID-19 seriously through using the COVID tracer App (in NZ), staying away if they are sick, seeking medical advice and getting tested if recommended to do so. Thank you all, for your efforts.

While we are doing the right things, it is important that we continue to pay attention to the right information. Misinformation is designed to create panic, fear and confusion. Check your source. Get the real deal from the Ministry of Health or Unite Against COVID-19 websites. The Ministry of Education also provides information for schools and early learning services including specific information for parents and caregivers.

Our knowledge of COVID-19 is developing quickly. But misinformation spreads further and faster. Be part of the solution. Don’t share posts or stories if you’re not sure if they’re true or aren’t from trusted sources like the Ministry of Health or Unite Against COVID-19 websites.

We are thankful that we have been able to continue to run school and thank you for working with us through this time. We also thank God for his protection and care.

Āraia te kino and protect yourself, your whānau and your whakapapa.

Ngā mihi

Rosalind Burnett, Deputy Principal