Beaven Ganaii Y12

“Beaven Wavisause Ganaii is an international boarding student at Longburn Adventist College since 2016. When he first arrived he “knew that this school (LAC) would help him with his education, give him many opportunities and grow his relationship with Jesus.”

Beaven loves sports such as touch rugby, soccer, and basketball. His favourite subjects are maths, physics, and history. He is involved in afterschool soccer training every Tuesday and represents the school in competitions.

He said “I wear our blue soccer uniform with pride, and I play to the best of my abilities. The school has taught me to control my temper and to be resilient.”

I look up to Beaven because he is successful in his academic career and I’m hoping he will be nominated Headboy next year.”

Jinni Zhang, Y12 Student

Avondale College’s Practicum Teachers

Over the last couple of weeks, you may have noticed some extra faces wandering the school campus. LAC has been kind enough to host six students teachers from Avondale College, Australia to come over and complete a three-week practicum.

I am currently in the third year of my primary teaching course. I decided to apply to come to New Zealand after a bit of encouragement and hearing the stories of the experiences of my friends who had previously done their placement here, and I am so happy I did. While I’ve been at LAC I have been working with the year 7/8s and have thoroughly enjoyed every part of it.

Chelsea Chapman

I am studying Business and PE teaching at Avondale. I decided to go to LAC for my third prac partly because of previous LAC prac teachers like Mr Metz who highly recommended it. I am fortunate enough to have the Year 9’s and 10’s who challenge me to be a better teacher each day.

Jym Bocala

I am currently studying Maths and English teaching at Avondale College. LAC is my first prac and I have been blessed to get Mrs Matthews as my mentor teacher. I have been teaching some Year 9,10 and 11 Maths classes. My favourite part of this whole experience so far has been getting to stay in dorms and spending time with the awesome boarders.

Natalie Wilson

I am at the end of my third year at Avondale College. I am studying a Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor in Teaching and specialising in technology and applied studies. I have chosen to come to Longburn to have an experience in boarding school. This opportunity has allowed me to grow in my relational skills and improve my teaching.

Jai Youse

Experience plus reflection equals growth. This motto has been the foundation of our team’s’ mindset when it comes to the profession of teaching. I am currently in my third year of teaching. My major is PE with a minor of Modern History. At first, I had not planned to come to LAC. Although my visit wasn’t intentional, I can honestly say that this was part of God’s plan for me. This school has taught me so much about teaching, being a mentor and reassured my purpose as a teacher.

Ignatius Ah-You

I’m studying secondary teaching, majoring in Religious Studies and minoring in Ancient History. I feel extremely privileged to be able to complete a teaching practicum at the great school, Longburn Adventist College. The staff and students have been amazingly welcoming to me and the other student teachers, which makes all the difference. I know thus far that God has been guiding my path and I know that God guided me to LAC. It has been an awesome experience not only professionally but spiritually. We want to thank the LAC staff and students for their kindness and welcoming nature. It truly has been an awesome opportunity.

Carnley Scotter


Week of Worship #2

For week three of Term 3, LAC will be led in worship by the Year 13 students.

This year’s theme is ‘Believer’ based on John 20:31 and the main speaker will be Mr Kofi Amoah.

“But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.” John 20:31


Mr Amoah, our Assistant Boys’ Dean is a man of many talents. Some of these were demonstrated this week as he challenged the students to consider using the title “BELIEVER” the following themes:  “What is believing?”, “Who should I believe?”,  “Why should I believe?”, “How do I believe?” and finally “When/Where should I believe?”

Mr Amoah spoke powerfully and confronting the truth of Jesus and His gospel. He challenged the students to consider what and who it is they believe and why they believe it – but more importantly, is it the truth as demonstrated by the Word of God.

The program was very ably co-ordinated and run by a team of students who without teacher direction have done an outstanding job. High-quality video clips and special items by students enhanced the program.

An extra bonus this week is the “Prayer Room” set up in a classroom. This room has been well used this week as students shared thanks and requests to God in a variety of ways. Thanks to the organiser and coordinator of this room.

Please pray that the seeds of love, truth and hope will germinate in the hearts of our precious young people.

Mr Kevin Gredig, School Chaplain

Day 1

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