World Vision Concert

This year the LAC World Vision team has consisted of Nathan Mudford, Hadassah Mehan, Abbey Smith and Michael Madembo.  The Team has also included students from lower grades such as Rachel Jaboon, Eva Ruiz, Chrysolite Gali, Lexi Rutherford, Lydia Pavarno and Samara Ward. They aimed to raise money for orphans in South Sudan.

Methods to raise money have included two sausage sizzles, a car wash and bake sale at Gateway Church, a sleepover was organised for the Intermediate Department where we had extra senior helpers, a school bake sale, a World Vision Fundraiser Musical Concert with guest artists such as Palmerston North Girls’ High Pacifika Gospel Choir, Cristian Huguo on classical guitar, Sasha Routh on cello, Kristel Gunn and Chris Dann on Piano. The concert also included local talent from LAC, i.e. the LAC Choir, String Ensemble and PNG Dancers.

Poster by Samara Ward
Poster by SM Miado

To encourage students to think about World Vision, a poster making competition was held where SM Miado and Samara Ward and NN Miado won a joint first place. They all received a box of quality crayons.

The school managed to collect $3,612.70. A whopping figure for a small school.

The top collectors were Chayille who collected $290, Amelia who collected $275, Addira who collected $272.50 and Kitana who collected $210.  Each received a box of roses for their efforts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to help the orphans in South Sudan.

Sandy van Wyk, Music Teacher