Silent Art Auction

The silent auction was a great hit!

Students work available for bidding was up and interactive activities for all to join in with. Overall the event raised around $1300 with the highest bidding painting going for $100 which was Nikkita Cheesman’s horse portrait.

Some of the interactive activities included a doodle table and a mural painting for all to partake in. Students actively got involved in these which was great to see. It was a great event to connect with the community and celebrate students creativity.

A huge thanks go out to Miss Caitlin Leach and her baking team, the students that helped set up and pack down, Square Edge arts community, those that submitted work and lastly all the bidders that made this a fun and successful evening.

Thank you once again.

Mrs Sophie Bain, Visual Arts Teacher


Special thanks to Square Edge Arts Community’ for making this event possible

Pasifika Fusion 2018

Building Self-Worth & Resilience

Every year LAC Pasifika students take part in the annual Pasifika Fusion event. This year, it was held on Thursday, July 5th at The Regent Theatre on Broadway. The theme focused on building self-worth and resilience. LAC entered into 8 of the 13 categories submitting a range of work for visual art (paintings), poetry, cinematography short films, drama, vocal/performance talent, speech, wearable arts and cultural performance items.

The event started with the Pasifika and English speeches, debate teams, quiz teams and cinematography categories on the night before. Three short films were featured from Jotham Tesese (Y13), Tywana Wong (Y11) and Jayden Shilton-Hart (Y13) with Lochlan Packman (Y13). Each film showcased their own personal style to film-making and highlighted various ways self-worth can be built by being proud of your cultural heritage. Tianah Lauesi (Y12) presented a heartfelt speech where our self-worth is found in Jesus; encouraging us that He is the way and that He has given each of us a purpose to prosper – Jeremiah 29:11.

Pasifika Fusion featured 12 high schools around the region. Thursday’s program was opened with a lively performance by Saint Joseph’s Catholic Primary School from Levin. Followed by the catwalk display of wearable art creations which Sisi Panikoula (Y12) took part in. An inspired piece reflecting cultural inspirations that also highlighted a growing concern with the over-consumption of plastic materials. LAC entered five vocal items in the talent category and did the school proud with three solo performances, a trio item and a 13 member choir.

The afternoon focused on our drama group and cultural performance representing Fiji, Tonga and Papua New Guinea. The drama was filled with comical moments and it reminded us that we don’t have to compare ourselves to those around us. The cultural performance was an awesome presentation of cultural dance with a combined effort of more than 25 students. Many of whom met in their own time to practice and each taking part in making their own costumes and accessories.

The evening concert was awesome and The Regent was full of family and friends who came to support those involved! The night was opened by Jotham’s cinematography entry – ‘Being Me’. A wonderful reminder that we don’t need to compare ourselves to others. Sisi once again showcased her wearable art piece which was one of the top 6 to be selected to be exhibited at Te Manawa Gallery. The LAC Pasifika Choir performed their song ‘The Colour Purple’ and the PNG item was chosen to represent our school’s cultural performance. They all did so well!

A well-deserved congratulations to our first place winners Jotham Tesese (1st Place Cinematography), Sisi Panikoula (1st Place Visual Art) and The LAC Pasifika Choir (1st Place Choir).

A huge thank you to our student leaders Torika Warren-Peu (Y12), Makereta Moceisuva (Y13), Beaven Ganaii (Y12), To’o Duffy (Y11) and Jotham Tesese (Y13). A special thanks also go to Alan Pedley, Greg Woollaston, Roy and Maria Henry-Taripo, Eifion Paul and to our staff on duty for the day: Kelvin Rutherford, Bex King, Kofi Amoah and Stephanie Ngarepa. Thank you to everyone who continues to love and nurture our students. I feel extremely blessed to work alongside such a passionate group of talented students and I am very proud of them all!!

God bless,

Juliana Paul
Teacher in Charge

More photos are available to view on LAC’s Facebook page: Pasifika Fusion 2018 Album

Each of the three cinematography entries are available to view on here:

Cinematography – Pasifika Fusion 2018

First Place Winner

  • Student: Jotham Tesese
  • Year: 13
  • Ethnicity: Samoan
  • Title: Being Me

In the short film ‘Being Me’, Bella Savai’i is an ordinary high school student who has low self-esteem and is constantly comparing herself to Moana Tupou. Moana Tupou is a popular student who has it all, the looks, the grades and the skills. However, everything changes when Moana receives her first ‘Not Achieved’ grade.

This short film emphasises the importance of being yourself and not comparing yourself to others. In our Pacific Island Community, it is important for the young people to have self-worth in a society where perfection is the focus (particularly in social media). Being able to have resilience is also important to be able to ‘bounce back’ from adversities we face every day. When building self-worth and resilience, sometimes we need to have a wake-up call.


  • Student: Tywana Wong
  • Year: 11
  • Ethnicity: Papua New Guinea
  • Title: A New Day

The short film is based on cultural preferences that are adapted into modern times that is yet considered overlooked in societies. A New Day showcases self-worth by appreciating one’s culture as well as performance and also shows resilience through accepting criticism and recovering from negativity. The film shows that every day is a new day to start right and become successful.


  • Student: Jayden Shilton-Hart (with Lochlan Packman)
  • Year: 13
  • Ethnicity: Polish / Fijian
  • Title: Kaivalagi

I have never considered myself to be Pasifika. Growing up, I have never really acknowledged my Fijian roots. I was encouraged by my teacher to share my story and want other people who may look European, but have Pasifika blood in them to be proud of who they are and where they come from.

World Vision Concert

This year the LAC World Vision team has consisted of Nathan Mudford, Hadassah Mehan, Abbey Smith and Michael Madembo.  The Team has also included students from lower grades such as Rachel Jaboon, Eva Ruiz, Chrysolite Gali, Lexi Rutherford, Lydia Pavarno and Samara Ward. They aimed to raise money for orphans in South Sudan.

Methods to raise money have included two sausage sizzles, a car wash and bake sale at Gateway Church, a sleepover was organised for the Intermediate Department where we had extra senior helpers, a school bake sale, a World Vision Fundraiser Musical Concert with guest artists such as Palmerston North Girls’ High Pacifika Gospel Choir, Cristian Huguo on classical guitar, Sasha Routh on cello, Kristel Gunn and Chris Dann on Piano. The concert also included local talent from LAC, i.e. the LAC Choir, String Ensemble and PNG Dancers.

Poster by Samara Ward
Poster by SM Miado

To encourage students to think about World Vision, a poster making competition was held where SM Miado and Samara Ward and NN Miado won a joint first place. They all received a box of quality crayons.

The school managed to collect $3,612.70. A whopping figure for a small school.

The top collectors were Chayille who collected $290, Amelia who collected $275, Addira who collected $272.50 and Kitana who collected $210.  Each received a box of roses for their efforts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to help the orphans in South Sudan.

Sandy van Wyk, Music Teacher