United Nations Youth Leadership Symposium

Reflection of my participation in the 9th University Scholar Leadership Symposium held in Bangkok.
Attending the Ninth United Nations Youth Leadership Symposium was a learning experience to remember. It felt like I was in an intensive class for a whole week, which was profound and my classmates were leaders from all around the world. 1065 delegates from 87 countries. Young people all seeking to make a better tomorrow. All working on different projects and in different sectors, helping their communities in different ways. Most importantly our hearts were aligned in the hope that a better tomorrow is achievable and the solutions are within our grasp. The values of effective leadership were laid out, which included: vision, gratitude, service, resilience, innovation, people skills, lifelong learning and living in authenticity. Most importantly, that the little things matter. These values packaged in a new and refreshing way, plus the connections I made were the highlights of my experience.
The sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations were the basis of the meeting.As a third year nursing student I chose to pursue the third SDG: to improve the health and wellbeing of all.I would recommend Avondale students and staff to attend this conference. The symposium epitomised the ethos of Avondale’s commitment to community service, student involvement and mission to educate its students to serve world needs. This reinforced the significance and privilege it was for our group to represent Avondale on a global platform. The conference was essentially reaching out to us, to weave us together in an ever shrinking world. To not forget the power of the individual in making change and most importantly the power of a collective group of people working towards common goals for the good of humanity and mother earth. This is what the event was about in my eyes. The networking was the primary purpose. To form connectioons with likeminded people from around the world. To share our experiences and contact details to help each other push forward into purpose.
It all starts with a conversation.

Te Ari Huia Hunter-Ryan, 2015 Graduate & Head Boy