Girls’ Hockey

Our 2019 hockey season has had the best start possible! After six rounds (one of which was our bye round), we’ve played five games and won 5 games! We are currently sitting top of the table – even above those teams yet to have their bye – with 44 goals for and only three goals against.

The game we played in Round Six was against Freyberg Salamanders, potentially our toughest opponent in our division. We came away with a 3-1 win, but it was a very even game through the field with the only difference being our ability to convert opportunities into goals.

Our senior players are really stepping up this season, providing great leadership and examples of skill, determination and commitment to the team and training. We have had a couple of games now where, due to illnesses and other commitments, our team has had to play with no substitutes at all. By the 4th quarter, our girls were exhausted, but instead of slowing down, our senior players continue to go hard, and it lifts the rest of the team. It makes my heart sing!

We also have a number of brand new players this season who have all brought their own strengths – speed, fitness, aggression, power and coordination – then worked hard to develop their hockey skills and understanding of the game.

If you’re free on a Tuesday evening, rug up warm and come down to the hockey turf to check us out. We have a few more hard games coming up that will be great viewing. It’s been a terrific season so far, and I’m excited to see how far this team can go.

Bex King, Coach

More photos can be viewed on LAC’s Sporty Page: