Careers News

Victoria University Open Day – Wellington, Friday 23 August

This is a public event which we encourage students to attend if they are interested in attending Victoria University. Free buses are available from the Wellington train station to the University during the course of the day.

Prize: Sony Extra-Bass Headphones (valued at $100)

Name That Career COMPETITION 

Entries are due by 30 August (entry forms and box are in the careers room)

There is a prize for the person who guesses the most careers to do with sand, wood, grass and potatoes. 

So get creative, think outside the box and get your entries in.

University Course Selection Meetings COMING UP

These meetings are a great chance to get guidance about how to structure your degree and information on enrolments and scholarships. 

These meetings are highly recommended for taking the stress out of enrolling.

  • Massey University, Thurs 5 Sept 11 am
  • Otago University, Tues 15 Oct 11 am

HOW TO: Rock an Interview (Year 13’s)

Friday 18 October Period 5Bridget from One-Staff Palmerston North is coming to explain what you can expect at a job interview. 


UCOL/Massey Open Day 

UCOL Open Day

Wed 7 August

Some of our LAC students attended the UCOL and Massey University Open Day.  This is an annual event designed to give students a feel for life on a tertiary campus.  If anyone would like information on any university, the Careers room is stocked with all sorts of brochures and information that you can take home to read.

Drug & Alcohol /Stress Management Course 

Wed 14 Aug

Our Year 13 and Year 11/12 Health class attended a Drug & Alcohol / Stress Management course. With exams coming up and pressure building for making big decisions, this was a great opportunity to learn some healthy ways to deal with stress. 

Thank you to Nathan and Scott from Industry Training Solutions for being our tutors for the day.

Emmanuel, Karen and Samantha receiving their certificates

Red Shirts Term 3

Congratulations to Karen Liu, Samantha McBride and Emmanuel Madembo for completing their Red Shirts programme at the Warehouse last Term.