Growing NZ Innovation

Primary Industries Challenge

On Friday the 2nd of August, five other Year 10 students and I went to the Growingnz Innovation Challenge Manawatu. The event is held every year, but it was its first time coming to the Manawatu. It’s a problem-solving event for the primary industries. 

There were four different challenges for different areas of the industry. Our school was put into 3 groups of 2 and each of our teams was put with a team from another school. We then were given the challenge to work on together; we had to brainstorm a solution, build a prototype, and then present our ideas to the judges and other teams in our challenge.

Our group’s problem was there aren’t enough bees to pollinate fruit, so we had to come up with an alternative to bees to pollinate. Other challenges were: a system to keep cows cool in hot weather, a new use for mixed-blend wool, and creating an efficient and quick way to measure the condition of the stock.

My team won our challenge, and the prize was $50 subway voucher to share within our group. Another one of our groups won their challenge too, and the third team got the teamwork award. Overall our school did a great job.

Caitlin Giddens, Year 10

Photo Left to Right:
Kim Belisario, Serena Cade, Kieran Parker-Murrell, Caitlin Giddens, Jack Matata, Liam Blakeborough