Week of Worship #2

Monday to Friday, 5-9 August 2019

For the student-led week of worship, our guest speaker will be Matt Moore, the Youth & Chaplaincy Pastor of the North NZ Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Matt is a Kiwi who has called Australia home for the past 13 years. Matt is married to Carly, and they have 2 boys, Ryan (11) and Jayse (8). Matt has spent the last 13 years working on the Gold Coast as a Teacher/Chaplain and is passionate about the gospel and seeing young people make decisions for Jesus. Matt has a degree in Primary Teaching and a Master’s Degree in Family Ministry. He loves the All Blacks, Cambodia, badminton, golf and cold watermelon…though in NZ, he will happily sub the watermelon for Feijoas!

From 9am each morning, Matt will be sharing in special chapel services organised by LAC students. Below are some details of each day’s message.

You’re welcome to watch live or view later on LAC’s YouTube channel, each day’s service will be updated on this website post.

Theme – Über: Jesus

Über = Ultimate – Above all else – That there is none like him.

Overall Synopsis for Matt’s Morning Talks:

“As we travel through our life we choose to either drive ourselves (default) or let other things/people drive us. Once we realise that Jesus is Uber/Ultimate/Above All and is the greatest driver for our life and we choose to trust him in the driver’s seat of our life, we not only have the ride of a lifetime but have an awesome destination. Students will be challenged to let Jesus jump into the Driver’s seat or back in the driver’s seat and allow Him to be their UBER Driver.”

Monday: Über Jesus – Intro

“The meaning of Über is ‘Ultimate’ – ‘none other than’. So when you get an Uber, you are expecting the ultimate drive. In life, we are wanting to get to a certain destination and are in need of a driver. The question is, who is going to be your driver? This will set up the theme for the week.”

Key Text/story: Mark 5:1-11

Tuesday: I-itis

“Our default is to drive ourselves. We all suffer from the ME Syndrome or I-itis, where our selfishness kicks in. However, when we wish to take the wheel ourselves it is not often a great outcome. Why is this?”

Key Text/story: David and Bathsheba.

Wednesday: Who is in your driver’s seat if you aren’t?

“If we do manage to get out of the driver’s seat, there are many things that wish to take your place and they will unless you are aware and prepared. Technology/money/relationships etc. We need to make sure when we are prepared to relinquish the driver’s seat, no thing/one else jumps in, except Jesus.”

Key Text/story: Matthew 19:16-22 The Rich Young Ruler

Thursday: Back Seat Driving

“Often we are happy to have Jesus in the car – but where in the car? Sometimes in the Boot or the back seat – sometimes we even get putting him in the driver’s seat – but then we want to be a back seat driver.”

Key Text/story: Jesus Rebukes Peter – Matthew 16:21-28

Friday: Giving Jesus the Keys

“To sum up the week by how we can give Jesus the keys and keep him in the driver’s seat. Focus on he has our GSP locked into the correct destination, but with Jesus driving it is going to be a great ride all the way there because Jesus has bought Heaven down – eternity starts now and the Kingdom of Heaven is here with US.”

Key Text/story: John 14

Canvas Art: Cross No.2 by Kume Bryant