Aureum Sports Awards

In Week 2 of this term, we held our Aureum Sports Awards on Thursday evening. This is our celebration of LAC’s talented athletes and fantastic volunteers, coaches and managers that all work hard to make sport happen here at LAC. Building on last year’s very successful inaugural sports awards, 2019 brought us a new prize for Sports Team of the Year – the Troy Ferreira Memorial Award – and a full house in the LAC Multipurpose Room. This year’s guest speaker was Sport Manawatu CEO, Trevor Shailer. There were laughs aplenty while Trevor spoke to us about his humble beginnings, many great accomplishments and lessons he’d learnt along the way. It was a brilliant night of celebrating the amazing sporting talent we have here at LAC.  

Thank you to Nolan King for his contribution to the evening as MC, the families and friends of our award recipients for their support, the LAC kitchen crew for the delicious refreshments, and to Trevor Shailer and Sport Manawatu for their support of our event.

Congratulations to all our award winners – team awards, Most Improved Players, All-Round Legends, Most Valuable Players, and representative players. Thank you again to all the community, staff and student volunteers. Congratulations to our major award finalists and winners.

Most Valuable Player award recipients

Athletics Cup: Josephine Ma’u & Dion Pineaha-Wade

Cross Country Trophy: Eden Duker & Apia Kaukare Yawha

Swimming Cup: Rebekah Mudford & Joseph Mudford

Troy Ferreira Memorial Award for Sports Team of the Year: Hockey, LAC Girls

Sport Manawatu Sportsmanship Cup finalists: Liam Blakeborough, Josephine Ma’u, Wei Xi, Mia Paki, Jessica Hiri & Tuivulavula Unua.

Winner: Jessica Hiri

King Family Sports Leadership Cup finalists: Apia Kaukare-Yawha, Josephine Ma’u, Bryan Mhonde, Macy Paki, Alevya Skerrett & Tuivulavula Unua.

Winner: Macy Paki

Sportsperson of the Year finalists: Connor Azevedo-Leader, Josephine Ma’u, Macy Paki & Tuivulavula Unua

Winner: Josephine Ma’u