Silent Art Auction

The silent auction was a great hit!

Students work available for bidding was up and interactive activities for all to join in with. Overall the event raised around $1300 with the highest bidding painting going for $100 which was Nikkita Cheesman’s horse portrait.

Some of the interactive activities included a doodle table and a mural painting for all to partake in. Students actively got involved in these which was great to see. It was a great event to connect with the community and celebrate students creativity.

A huge thanks go out to Miss Caitlin Leach and her baking team, the students that helped set up and pack down, Square Edge arts community, those that submitted work and lastly all the bidders that made this a fun and successful evening.

Thank you once again.

Mrs Sophie Bain, Visual Arts Teacher


Special thanks to Square Edge Arts Community’ for making this event possible